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Prof Dr. A.S. Mohamed Rafee has been teaching Alpha Meditation for more than a decade Thousands have benefited from the practice He has already written a book on alpha meditation in Tamil. But this book has been written in English for the benefit of the wider public

Alpha Meditation is a cure-all. This introduction is sure to be of immense help to the enthusiastic reader and the ailing. The benefits of Alpha meditation are numerous health, wealth, success in education, career, business solution to long-pending family problems and fulfillment of legitimate desires, to name a few. It will kindle the Alladin's lamp in you. It is also possible to

learn the meditation from the author himself who teaches the meditation once in a month in cities like Chennai.

He has so far authored 35 books on various subjects like spirituality religion, self-improvement, personality development, literature, biography and translation. His book on Islam received the Tirupur Tamil Sanga Award and his translation of Homer's Iliad into Tamil received the Nalli-Thisai Ettum Award for 2009. This Associate Professor and HOD of English writes under the nom de plume of Nagore Rumi.

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